The Mind - A Family Review

Get psychically linked to your fellow players in The Mind, a cooperative, no-communication card-playing game of intuition and precision.
The Mind - A Family Review

The Mind is a silent cooperative game that requires you and your kids to be of one mind! Jen wasn’t so sure about a non-talking, absolutely no-communication game… but it ended up being an instant favourite for her!

In The Mind, players must play hidden cards from 1-100 in numerical order with no communication. Sounds impossible, right? But within two rounds we were already developing strategies together. We loved that this game is structured a bit like a video game. There are eight progressively harder levels to make it through to win. How far do you think you can get?

You also get a limited number of lives and gain bonuses as you progress though the levels. Plus, bunny ninjas?! The kids were absolutely there for that!

9yo: “I liked our intense faces as we concentrated.”

The game took a lot of concentration, especially as you progressed in levels and had to play more cards to pass the level. The kids found it easier when they started organizing their hands by the card’s numbers, but they still needed to stay focused on what each player was playing so they didn’t miss a chance to play their own card. And believe us, they stayed hyper focused!

The best part? There was no better feeling than getting the cards in perfect order! It prompts a shared victory cheer that only the most immersive cooperative games inspire!

11yo: “It was so satisfying when we got through a whole round without losing a life!”

The Mind is a simple but challenging game. Don’t expect to win all your levels the first time you play—but, as you play, you’ll develop more and more strategies, which is wild to say in a game where you can’t communicate!

So if you ever wanted to feel like a mind-reader or psychically connected with your family, give The Mind a try.

Helpful hints

  • Use your throwing star cards when you have them! They give all the players at the table so much information without saying a word.
  • Keep a tally of what level you make it to each time you play. You might not make it to the end, but with a tally you can see your progress over time!
  • Not just a game for kids and families! Take this out for a spin with colleagues and shake-up a teambuilding session.

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