Sushi Go! - A Family Review

Get ready to dig into Sushi Go!, a drafting card game of deliciousness. Compete with your friends for the cards that will fill up your plate with cute food and score the most points to win best dinner of the night.
Sushi Go! - A Family Review

Adorable Chibi sushi—need we say more? Sushi Go! is a top pick at our house. It’s a game we picked up way back in our university days to play with friends, and we still bring it out on the occasional game night. The plus? It’s also simple enough to play with the kids. And they love it!

11yo: “I love the dumplings with their sleepy faces. So cute!”

Sushi Go! is a quick-to-learn, quick-to-play game. For newer gamers, it may seem intimidating because each type of sushi has its own scoring rules, but the game makers put the scoring on each card. So, once you learn to read those, it’s actually very easy to figure out the best play at a glance.

The whole game takes about 15 minutes over three rounds, and we’ve found that almost everybody completely understands how to play by the end of the first round. With its compact box and compact play-time, Sushi Go! is an excellent boredom buster—especially on the go. (Haha, get it? Go.)

It’s a competitive game with low stakes that doesn’t take a lot of focus and isn’t very punishing. If you like a game where you chat while you play and have a nice visit with your friends or kids, Sushi Go! is perfect.

It also has a light strategy component which was great for the kids. They needed to pay attention to the cards, determine which combos they were most likely to get, and change strategy on the fly when they saw the other players' choices. Great for fluid thinking and problem solving.

Grab Sushi Go! if you’re looking for an easy, quick-play game for your kids, your work, or your friends. But be warned, the game may make you feel hungry!

Helpful hints

  • Looking for more sushi fun, try Sushi Go Party! The bigger box version with more rules and more adorable sushi.
  • Sushi Go! is a great introduction to drafting mechanics which you’ll find in lots of games.

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