Jaipur - A Family Review

Earn your seals of excellence by being the best trader in Jaipur, a short two-player card-matching game of timing, wealth, and strategy.
Jaipur - A Family Review

In a world of large, complex hobby games, there’s something to be said when you find a simple, streamlined, and incredibly satisfying small box game. And Jaipur is as streamlined and satisfying as they come!

Two-player games are usually pretty combative, but Jaipur breaks that assumption. Sure, you’re competing for the same limited cards, but it’s more about planning, timing, and luck than fighting.

Plus, it’s hard to make a two-player game fun for both players. Jaipur manages that by giving each player little wins—the exact card you need for a four-card set, a fantastic trade, or the like—even when you lose a round. That’s what makes this game an instant win for us.

9yo: “I really like how you have to think of what the other player is going to pick.”

Jaipur has a recommended age of 12+ to play, but we think this is a bit conservative. Because the main game objective is matching by colour/picture and doing simple addition, it’s pretty easy for non-reading players to play. Meric played with our seven-year-old, and she picked it up right away!

7yo: “I was so excited when we tied and that I got two diamonds!”

With how fast the game plays, it’s definitely on our shortlist for games to take while traveling. The box doesn’t take up too much space, and it’d be perfect to play on a layover or at a restaurant. Might take up too much space for a waiting room table though. It’s also an easy game for two siblings to pull out when they’re bored!

So, if you want to trade your wares at the market and amass wealth by making the best hand of cards available in a sleek, two-player game, you should really try Jaipur.

Helpful Hints

  • The games are quick—you could probably get a pair of games into 30 minutes if you tried.
  • If you have time and more than two players, set up a round robin tournament!

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