The Crew: Mission Deep Sea - A Family Review

Go underwater in The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, a cooperative, trick-taking card game where you have to solve a puzzle and play the right cards to finish a series of narrative missions.
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea - A Family Review

Need a game that gets your brain fired up? Ready for puzzle solvers and card game players alike, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea gives you a whole bunch of missions to challenge your table.

If you’ve played The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, Deep Sea does most of the same things, but changes the theme and provides some more diverse mission options.

If you haven’t played Planet Nine, these games are quick to set up and quick to play. Cooperative, but with a twist—no talking allowed. Also no miming, making faces, or using hand signals.

9yo: “It’s very similar to the space one, but maybe harder."

The kids thought that Deep Sea was more difficult, but we found that the variety of mission types made the game a lot more interesting, and more forgiving. Also, the theme was a huge hit with our eleven-year-old because she wants to be a marine biologist.

11yo: “I was excited to play in the ocean!”

Just like Planet Nine, we think this’ll be an absolute winner at a table of adults who can decode the mission requirements and execute a plan. Think of it as a party game that you can play in five to twenty minutes rather than a long-form hobby board game to play with the younger kids.

If you’re looking for something to turn heads at your next work party, or if you have older kids or kids who are brainteaser fiends, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is worth an excursion.

Helpful Hints

  • Colour Vision Deficiency friendly: Each colour card suit also has its own symbol for ease of identification.
  • There’s a helper app that teaches the game and provides background music.

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