Scout - A Family Review

Deliver the best show on Earth with Scout, the circus-performance card game about card management, pattern-finding, and stealing rival performers to make your show even better than the last player’s.
Scout - A Family Review

Come one, come all to the big top, little box, circus-themed game of Scout! You are the ring leaders and talent scouts of a traveling circus, and you’ve got to put on the best show… or steal other players’ performers so you can.

This charming card game is a great addition to your family and party game library. It’s also a great game to get the grandparents playing, especially if they love card games like Rummie or Euchre.

Scout has pretty cards, with a fantastically well-thought-out design. Each reversible card is easy to read and displays everything you need in the top corner, so you always know what you're holding. Plus, each card has the name and special skill of a circus performer! Our kids loved putting down a run of cards and announcing which performers were in their show. (So did Meric.)

The rules around which shows beat which seemed confusing at first, but they were really intuitive in actual game play. Don’t let them intimidate you! The biggest hurdle for the kids? It wasn’t the rules. It was keeping their hands in order and holding all eleven cards at once.

11yo: “It’s a challenge when you have something to play but can’t beat the previous card. It takes a lot of thought!”

Scout has some elements of luck and a lot of strategic options. We found the kids quickly developed their own strategies, which was fun to watch and kept us all engaged. And the options are diverse—not everyone is going to have the same strategy!

So, if you’re looking for a game to enjoy while having snacks and chatting, Scout is light enough to follow and challenging enough to be competitive.

Helpful Hints

  • Invest in card holders for players who struggle holding lots of cards at once.
  • If you have a bad round, it’s pretty tough to catch up. Help your younger players with their strategies so they don’t get left behind.
  • Invent stories for your performers and what acts they are doing as you play!

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