Spot It - A Family Review

Slap down cards and match symbols in Spot it! a fast-paced, easy-to-learn card game. With five different game modes, Spot it! is the perfect game to unbox for a quick round of laughs or to kill some time between other activities.
Spot It - A Family Review

Spot it! has Where’s Waldo vibes but on fast forward! If you’re looking for a game to help kids with search and find skills—or something you can break out when the grandparents come over for game night—Spot it! is fabulous. At our table of four adults and four kids, with 66 years between the youngest and the eldest players, we were laughing the entire time.

11yo: “It was a lot of fun that the whole family could play!”

In a fast search and find game like Spot it!, adults don’t have any advantage (our eleven-year-old won the most!). And because there are five game types, there was lots of opportunity to switch up the gameplay and keep everyone engaged. Some of the games are definitely easier for little kids, while others move at the older kids’ pace. You’ll have to play them all and see which ones land for your family. One game mode, Hot Potato, was our four-year-old’s favourite, and she was awesome at it!

Game play for each of the five game types goes very quickly, think seven to twelve minutes per game. This makes it ideal for quick entertainment for the kids. Pack it in your carry on for a layover or in your vehicle on long road trips, and you’ll have easy entertainment ready to go!

We figure independent play opens up around eight years old, but don’t be shy about jumping in for a quick ten-minute game and then letting the kids keep going without you—it’s fun!

9yo: “It was hard sometimes when you find what you want and someone finds it before you.”

We did find that because the games require both vocalizing what you find and reaching for cards, we had some early turbulence between players. Sometimes the players’ hands were faster than their mouth. We made a table rule that whoever said the word first got the card, but your family may come up with their own unique ways to settle disputes!

So, if you want a quick-play, all ages card game that fits in a little box, but you’re tired of UNO, give Spot it! a try.

Helpful Hints

  • This game is great for multi-generational play.
  • Try all five game modes and then land on a table favourite!

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