Sleeping Queens - A Family Review

Rescue slumbering royalty in Sleeping Queens, the game about breaking curses, distracting knights with dragons, and other fairytale hilarity. It’s a quick, whimsical card game that the whole family can enjoy.
Sleeping Queens - A Family Review

This family game created by a family was an instant favourite for our crew! Sleeping Queens is the perfect mix of whimsy, simplicity, and math. A quick play, our first game took us only 15 minutes, and we enjoyed it so much we wanted to play more rounds immediately.

11yo: “I liked the math and that I could choose my own equations.”

Structured kind of like a standard deck of cards, Sleeping Queens has face cards and number cards. Part of the game is making equations with the number cards (to draw more cards), and you get to choose the equation. This was great. Our kids could make the equations as simple or as complex as they liked, depending on their comfort with math. We definitely love having sneaky education in games! Another perk? No need to read to be able to play!

9yo: “My favourite part was melting the knights with the dragons.”

The art in Sleeping Queens is whimsical. Cute and kooky themed Queens and Kings made us all laugh. Each time a new one was revealed the whole table wanted to see the art. The Cat Queen, Sunflower Queen, and Cookie King were our table’s favorites!

We liked the chill vibe of the game combined with how fast the cards moved in and out of peoples’ hands. It meant there wasn’t really hard feelings when a favourite card was taken by another player. By the end of the game, even though there was only one winner, we all left the table feeling happy!

Helpful hints

  • The game is super easy after the first round.
  • Challenge younger kids by using subtraction instead of addition!

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