Patchwork - A Family Review

Do you need a cozy, two-player game that feels like puzzling but has a winner? Patchwork is the competitive, quilt-building game that you’re looking for.
Patchwork - A Family Review

Put the kettle on, cue up some low-fi, and get ready to chill with Patchwork. In this delightful two-person game, players compete to make the most complete quilt. A huge highlight for us? The game pieces are so aesthetically pleasing—from the differently patterned quilt tiles to the adorable button point counters. This game is the epitome of cozy puzzle gaming!

Patchwork has simple rules and is super easy to play. The strategy isn’t all that complex, and the rules stay nice and consistent throughout the game. There are definitely tense moments when you have your sights set on a particular quilt piece, and it’s so satisfying if you get it. Didn’t get it? Well, bad luck, but you might have another chance as the game continues.

Because you need to fit your quilt square together within a set grid (think Tetris on a grid board) we found it was great practice for the kids’ spatial awareness. If you have a kiddo (or adult) who likes things to fit just right, they’re going to love and be challenged by the puzzle aspect of Patchwork.

11yo: “It was simple to connect things together and would be a great sleepover game!”

This is definitely a casual play game, something you can unbox on a relaxing evening. Because it’s a two player game, it won’t be your game night go-to, but it’s a wonderful game for some one-on-one time with a kid, a family member, or a friend.

Although there’s only one winner, the chill vibe of the game likely means there won’t be any hard feelings. We mostly ended our games by exclaiming about the patterns we made on our quilts and a cordial challenge to play again another time.

If you’re looking for a cozy date night in, a rainy (or snowy) evening game, or a little bit of a chill brain teaser to challenge your kids with, Patchwork is one we strongly recommend.

Helpful Hints

  • Curate a cozy mood with a cozy drink and chill playlist as you play.

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