Kingdomino - A Family Review

Develop your kingdom and build your biomes in Kingdomino, the small-box tile-placing game of domino matching and medieval worldbuilding.
Kingdomino - A Family Review

This super cute game is perfect for people who like to build things or put together puzzles. It’s so satisfying to get a piece that fits into your kingdom just so, multiplying your points or just making a beautiful landscape. It’s rewarding no matter which part you love!

The domino-inspired tiles have two spaces for landscapes on each, and the landscape art is adorable! Our kids loved looking at each tile (especially the Nessie one!) as well as the king meeples and the mini 3D castle they got to put in their kingdom.

11yo: “This is a REALLY cute game!”

The vanilla game is pretty strategy light, making it easy for younger kids to play. The game recommends 8+ years, but our seven-year-old could definitely play this, no problem. It’s a great game for working on matching skills and spatial orientation as the kids determine the best placement for their dominos.

It’s competitive, but we found that because everyone’s working on their own kingdom, no one felt targeted by other players. The closest interaction or conflict comes with tile picking, but there are good reasons to pick valuable tiles or turn order, and everybody gets a chance to get what they want at some point.

And of course, our kids made up stories about their kingdoms! If you want to go that extra educational mile, you could discuss different environmental biomes as you play.

9yo: “I get to make up my kingdom and make up the story of why it looks like it does.”

If you’re looking for a game to play in 15 minutes or less—maybe while waiting for dinner to come out at your favourite restaurant—Kingdomino is the perfect small-box game for you.

Helpful hints

  • Need some more of a challenge? Try the extra rules included in the box! We’re particularly interested in the epic three-game Dynasty Variant.

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