Unstable Unicorns - A Family Review

Gather your unicorn army in Unstable Unicorns! Play, trade, steal, and destroy a host of unicorns in a silly card game about magic, mayhem, and unicorn collection.
Unstable Unicorns - A Family Review

Imagine, you are peacefully tending your tranquil stable. Your adorable rainbow unicorn prances along beside you. THEN! A raging rhinocorn bursts in and steals your fluffy multicoloured companion! The horror! Can you imagine it? No? Well no worries! Unstable Unicorns will imagine it for you!

This quick-paced card game of war is full of adorable and witty cards. Our family loved looking at each new unique unicorn as they came up and laughing at how silly they were. Our kids loved putting their favourite ones in their stable or stealing their favorites away from other players!

9yo: “I loved the destructive unicorns!”

We found our game went fairly quickly, only 15 minutes, but it could have been much longer depending on the aggression of the players. Because everyone is battling each other, players can come close to winning several times only to be stopped by a group effort from other players. Which can be a bummer.

Be cautious in a game like Unstable Unicorns—it’s easy to start piling onto one player, with them being targeted over and over with other players’ attack cards. If you find your kids hold grudges or will be upset to lose their favourite unicorn buddy, this may not be the game for them.

11yo: “This game was amazing, the battle part was interesting and fun!”

Unstable Unicorns is easy to pick up and turns are straightforward and fast. One thing we did find? The cards have a lot of text and need to be read carefully.

When we started, the kids were so excited to look at the art and laugh at the visual jokes that they often missed reading what the cards actually did! Then they’d play them and be surprised when the unicorn did something they didn’t expect. With a little coaching and gentle reminders of “but did you read the card” they figured out the game quickly.

If your family likes the competitive rush of stealing, revenge, and ultimate triumph, Unstable Unicorns might be a cute and exciting addition to your shelf.

Helpful hints

  • Carefully read each card!
  • The best way to win the game is to be patient. There are so many ways that people can stop you from winning the game, that you have to pick the right moment to succeed.
  • This game can potentially go on for a long, long time.

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