One Night Ultimate Werewolf - A Family Review

There are werewolves in town, and they must be caught! In One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a modern take on a classic camp game, players have secret roles, take secret actions, and hurl accusations all in a single round of gameplay.
One Night Ultimate Werewolf - A Family Review

If you grew up playing “who’s the baddie” camp games like Werewolf or Mafia, then you already have a taste for how fun One Night Ultimate Werewolf is! What’s not to love? Accusing your friends of dishonesty, murder, and mayhem? There is a key difference though—this table top version is played in only one round, meaning you don’t have to wait around for hours hoping the other players guess who murdered you.

11yo: “Simple, short, and fun!”

We found One Night Ultimate Werewolf played quickly and in all the best ways. We played two games in 20 minutes and could have easily played again!

When we first explained the rules, the kids were worried about which characters were supposed to open their eyes when but the phone app narrator made this part easy. “Werewolves open your eyes now. Werewolves now close your eyes.” Simple! The app was a great tool and moved us quickly through the first part of the game.

Another great feature? Suspense. The kids loved that they didn’t get to know what characters the other players were or if their character card was moved without their knowledge, which is something that some of the roles in the games might do while everyone has their eyes closed.

We had a great time throwing wild accusations across the table but also found there was a lot of logic and strategy when trying to sort out who the werewolf was. Werewolves have to think quickly about how they’re going to fool the rest of the players! Plus, the box comes with a bunch of different character cards so you can change up which roles are in the game and customize to the experience you want to play.

9yo: “I liked the suspense when you're a villager and don’t know what anyone else is.”

This is a great game for a party where you want to do something quick and social. It was easy for our nine-year-old to understand the different character rules, but younger players may find it challenging to follow. We highly recommend pulling this out when the kids want to play a game with uncles, aunts, and/or grandparents! It’s one of those rare games that will be just as fun for the adults as the kids and you won’t be locked into it for the next two hours.

Helpful hints

  • Get the One Night Ultimate Werewolf app to make gameplay quick and easy with audio cues and music.
  • To keep the mystery, play at a small table with a soft top where the cards can be within arm’s length of all players.

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