Ghost Blitz - A Family Review

Decipher the cards and the clues in Ghost Blitz, a game of quick turns and even faster reflexes. A great option for adults to include their kids in game night, Ghost Blitz will have you laughing, cheering, and groaning.
Ghost Blitz - A Family Review

This game is not for the faint of heart! Not because the ghost will scare you to death but because the action is non-stop!

If you ever played Spoons growing up, you already have an idea of the chaos you’re in for in a game of Ghost Blitz. Combining quick pattern recognition and even quicker hands, Ghost Blitz is all about being the first to figure out the right answer. If your kid doesn’t like to run for piñata candy (ahem, I was this kid, no judgment), then this may not be the game for them.

We thought that Ghost Blitz would be perfect for all of our kids to play together, but we found that it was actually harder for kids in a large age range to play together. Younger kids aren’t able to decode the card and move as quickly as older children.

But, we also found that adults aren’t as quick as older kids either! This makes it a very fun game for kids 8+ to play with parents or grandparents. Adults don’t have an advantage, so they can play hard and still likely lose to their kids. For kids aged 5 to 7, we recommend playing this on a more one-to-one level with adults, so the kids can have time to process the colours and items on the card. In that way, it’s a fun game to teach interpretive skills.

7yo: I only got two cards by the end. I would rather play with my grade 2 friends.

A big plus to this game? The 3D props that need to be snatched as quickly as possible. They’re so satisfying to scoop up right before someone else gets them! This is great for kids who need more physical games to keep them engaged. The gameplay also goes very quickly, and you can easily get two games done in 30 minutes or less with everyone having a ton of turns. Highly recommend this for a cabin or camping game as it is small, quick, and hilarious.

9yo: I had to be fast and it was loud! It was more exercise than just sitting on the computer.

The game does depend on a level of honesty and fair play. It can be very easy to grab the wrong item or peek at cards before you should. Depending on the competitiveness and mood of the kids (and let's face it, it truly could just be the day), be prepared for some minor fighting between kids.

On the whole though, Ghost Blitz is a great buy in a small package and at a low price point. It might not be the game you play every week, but it’s going to be a lot of fun when you bring it out.

Helpful Hints

  • This game definitely amped up our kids. Consider sending your kids outside after playing to burn off some energy!
  • A large table will make grabbing the pieces more difficult. Try playing at a small table or on the floor. Ow, my back!

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