Dixit - A Family Review

Step into a whimsical world of dreams and storytelling with Dixit, a quick-to-learn, easy-to-play card game featuring some of the best and most memorable art in hobby board games.
Dixit - A Family Review

If we could use only one word to describe Dixit—it would be whimsy! Luckily, we get way more than one word. Which is good, because we could go on and on about this beautiful game. Dixit has been a favourite of our family for a number of years thanks to being a simple game which is fun for players with a large range of experience.

The first thing that struck us about this game was the art. The humor and care that went into each card is evident, and it makes the game visually interesting to play. The actual game is also easy to learn but leads to a lot of laughter and trickery. There’s nothing better than the feeling of having the perfect card to fool the other players with!

9yo: “It was so fun even though I didn’t win. I liked how people tried to trick me and how sometimes I thought my card was bad, but then I tricked people!”

Dixit is a wonderful game to play when you’re catering to a large age range. You choose the clues you give, so you can choose an easy one for younger players, or you can pick a really complex one to stump Grandpa. We also found it created opportunities for our kids to learn new vocabulary. Sometimes the one-word clues we would pick, like “melancholy,” would be met with confused looks, giving us the opportunity to explain.

Plus, Dixit is also a great game for new or inexperienced game players. It’s one of Jen’s favorites to bring for team-building at work—it takes less than five minutes to explain and can lead to funny word associations with your colleagues (or a look into how their mind works!).

11yo: “I love how the art was done. I could play this every weekend!”

The biggest downside of Dixit? You can run through the entire deck before the end of the game, and it can become easier to guess who has which cards. But never fear! Dixit has released a number of expansions to bulk out your deck and add even more spectacular art to your gameplay.

So if you’re looking for a simple-to-learn game filled with whimsical art and clever wordplay, Dixit is something you need on your shelf. Especially if your kids are like ours and might play it on a Saturday morning while we sleep in.

Helpful hints

  • Requires at least three players, which can sometimes be a barrier.
  • Want to add more chance to the game? Add a random art card from the draw pile every turn and see if it tricks the players into picking it!
  • Purchase Dixit expansions to add new beautiful art cards to the game and increase the deck size.
  • Dixit cards can be used to expand your Mysterium visions deck!

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