Winter Sledding 130 Piece Mini Jigsaw Puzzle Ornament by Galison

Winter Sledding 130 Piece Mini Jigsaw Puzzle Ornament by Galison

The 'Winter Sledding' Puzzle Ornament is a snowy Christmas scene in a charming house-shaped ornament. Depicts a classic scene of winter sledding with friends. It's both a puzzle and decoration, perfect for spreading holiday cheer!
Piece Count
130 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
6.0 X 8.25"
152 X 210mm
Box Size
3.0 X 2.5 X 5.0"
76 X 64 X 127mm
$9.00 USD
$9.00 USD
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Experience the sheer delight of a snowy Christmas season with the 'Winter Sledding' 130 Piece Puzzle Ornament. This enchanting ornament marries the magic of the holidays with the joy of puzzling, creating a delightful addition to your festive decor.

The picturesque image transports you to a winter wonderland, where a group of people eagerly sleds down a pristine snowy hill. Bundled up in cozy winter attire, they hold onto their sleds, their faces alight with excitement as they glide through the glistening snow. The surrounding trees, adorned with a fresh coat of snow, create a picturesque backdrop, and a full moon graces the clear night sky, casting a soft, enchanting glow over the scene.

The ornament itself, shaped like a charming Christmas Alpine-themed house, is adorned with intricate details that evoke the holiday spirit. It encases a 130-piece puzzle that, when assembled, reveals the exhilarating 'Winter Sledding' scene in all its snowy splendor. To make it easy to display, the ornament comes with a red string for hanging.

Whether you're searching for an engaging holiday activity or a special gift to share the magic of the season, the 'Winter Sledding' Puzzle Ornament is the perfect choice. Elevate your holiday decor with this delightful keepsake that captures the joy of embracing winter's wonders.

  • Box Size: 2.5 x 3 x 5", 64 x 76 x 127 mm
  • Puzzle Size: 6 x 8.25", 152 x 210 mm
  • Tag Size: 1.75 x 2.875", 45 x 73 mm
  • Ornament includes red grosgrain ribbon for hanging
  • Includes insert with full puzzle image

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