Say It With Flowers 'Hi' 60 Piece Greeting Card Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison

Say It With Flowers 'Hi' 60 Piece Greeting Card Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison

Say 'Hi' with 'Say It With Flowers Hi' greeting card puzzle! It's a 60-piece puzzle, that turns into a greeting card! A floral masterpiece to solve and send, all in one. Perfect for gifting and friendly hellos!
Piece Count
60 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
5.5 X 7.375"
140 X 187mm
Box Size
7.375 X 5.5 X 0.375"
187 X 140 X 10mm
$9.00 USD
$9.00 USD

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Embrace the art of greeting with 'Say It With Flowers Hi,' a 60-piece postcard puzzle from Galison that combines the charm of blossoms with a cheerful salutation. This unique puzzle offers a delightful way to send your warmest greetings while sharing the joy of puzzle-solving.

As you engage with this captivating puzzle, you'll be immersed in a floral wonderland. The puzzle boasts a soothing blue background adorned with an intricate floral design. Letters 'H' and 'I' are intertwined into a delightful assortment of flowers, including roses, lilies, and daisies. Your task? Fit the pieces together to form the friendly word 'HI,' an interactive and artistic way to send your best wishes.

'Say It With Flowers Hi' is more than just a puzzle; it's a greeting card in the making. The puzzle arrives fully assembled and ready for your personal touch. After successfully piecing together 'hi,' flip it over and compose your message on the back. Then, carefully break up the pieces, place them in the included envelope, and send it off as a unique and heartfelt greeting.

Galison puzzles not only entertain but also connect. This puzzle and greeting card in one are packaged with care, ensuring that your message of goodwill, friendship, or celebration reaches its destination in perfect form.

Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast seeking a delightful challenge or a sender of warm wishes yearning for an imaginative way to convey them, 'Say It With Flowers Hi' promises to be a delightful bridge between puzzle-solving and heartfelt communication.

  • A greeting card and puzzle in one!
  • Size: 5.5 x 7.375 x 0.375 (140 x 187 x 10 mm)
  • 60 Piece Puzzle
  • Sticker Seal
  • Colored Envelope

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