Rivals For Catan: Age Of Enlightenment Board Game Expansion by Catan Studio

Rivals For Catan: Age Of Enlightenment Board Game Expansion by Catan Studio

The second Rivals for CATAN expansion includes three new Theme Sets, The Era of Prosperity, The Era of Explorers, and The Era of Sages.

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Expansion Pack

Setup Time
10 Mins
Play Time
45-120 Mins
2 to 2
Age Level
8 and Up
$22.00 USD
$22.00 USD
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"Age of Enlightenment™" includes three new theme sets: The Era of Explorers™, The Era of Sages™, and The Era of Prosperity™.

In all, "Age of Enlightenment" is a 125-Card Expansion for the two player card game, "The Rivals for CATAN®." It picks up where the first expansion, "Age of Darkness™," left off.

The Era of Explorers™

Set sail from CATAN®! Explore! Discover new lands!

Your Explorer Harbor serves as a starting point for your exploration of 9 adjacent sea cards.

Pirates, islanders, and Shipwrecks await across the waters. Embark on missions and try to be the best explorer. Ship tokens chart your position. Victory awaits the most skilled and intrepid sailor!

The Era of Sages™

Influence events! The wisdom—currency—of the many and varied sages gives you the opportunity to influence the strength and frequency of events. Fend off famines! Deflect attacks. Promote peace.

Connect with nature and balance prudence, power, foresight, and vigilance in a your noble struggle!

The Era of Prosperity™

Be a good prince. Govern wisely. Build schools, a Hospital, even promote the arts. Raise your people’s spirits and spur expansion. But beware… Discontent dooms prosperity

In The Era of Prosperity, you as the prince or princess promote cultural development in your principality and raise your people's spirits.

In The Era of Explorers, you board your ships to set out on a journey to faraway islands and encounter foreign peoples and pirates. If you can take the lead when discovering, victory is almost yours!

In The Era of Sages, a true era of enlightenment begins. Wise women and men intervene in the fate of Catan and cause many an event to take a turn for the better.

What's in the Box

  • Three expansions with a total of 145 cards
  • 1 Almanac and Rulebook

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