Puzzles Plus - 1 Year Subscription

Puzzles Plus - 1 Year Subscription

Treat your puzzler to the gift that keeps on giving with a Puzzles+ Subscription! They'll enjoy a new challenge delivered to their door every month, giving them a year's worth of puzzling fun! It's the perfect way to show them you care. #justpuzzle
Free Shipping
$34.00 USD

Puzzle Piece Count

300/500 piece 750/1000 piece

Number of Puzzles Per Shipment

1 2 3


Every Month
Every 2 Months
Every 3 Months
Free Shipping
$34.00 USD
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Puzzles Plus is a subscription plan where we will send you high quality, seasonal puzzles straight to your door as often as you like! All you have to do is choose what size of puzzle, how many puzzles, and how often you want new puzzles.

All options include Free Shipping!

Choose the size of puzzle you want:

  • 300 to 500 pieces
  • 750 to 1000 pieces

Choose how many puzzles you want in each shipment:

  • 1 Puzzle Per Shipment
  • 2 Puzzles Per Shipment
  • 3 Puzzles Per Shipment

Choose how often you would like puzzles shipped to you:

  • Monthy - Every Single Month for a Year
  • Bi-Monthly - One Shipment every Two Months for a Year
  • Quarterly - One Shipment Every Three Months for a Year

How Many Puzzles Will I Get?

Monthly Cost
Bi-Monthly Cost
Quarterly Cost
1 Puzzle Per Shipment 12 Puzzles $45.00 each
($540 Total)
6 Puzzles $45.00 each
($270 Total)
4 Puzzles $45.00 each
($180 Total)
2 Puzzles Per Shipment 24 Puzzles $35.00 each
($840 Total)
12 Puzzles $35.00 each
($420 Total)
8 Puzzles $35.00 each
($280 Total)
3 Puzzles Per Shipment 36 Puzzles $26.00 each
($936 Total)
18 Puzzles $26.00 each
($468 Total)
12 Puzzles $26.00 each
($312 Total)


What Puzzles Do I Get?

We will ship only the highest quality puzzles from brands like:

  • Galison
  • Ravensburger
  • Springbok
  • Cobble Hill
  • And more....

Each shipment will be hand picked by our puzzle obsessed staff and we guarantee to never ship you duplicate puzzles. We will curate seasonal puzzles for you depending on the time of year of your shipment.

When Will I Get My Puzzles?

Every subscription will be shipped out on the 15th day of every month. Your puzzles will arrive between 3-5 days following the 15th of that month. Subscriptions that are not monthly (Quarterly or bi-monthly) will ship on the 15th day of the appropriate month for your subscription.

Every shipment will have a confirmation sent to you when the shipment is sent and tracking numbers will be included when available.

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