Merry Christmas to All 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

Merry Christmas to All 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

"Merry Christmas to All" is a joyful 1000-piece journey into the magic of the holiday. Santa Claus rides his sleigh through a snowy night sky, waving cheerfully as he delivers gifts. The festive spirit and wonder of Christmas is perfectly captured.
Piece Count
1000 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
19.25 X 26.625"
489 X 676mm
Box Size
11.25 X 8.25 X 2.0"
286 X 210 X 51mm
$17.00 USD
$17.00 USD
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Unveil the magic of the holiday season with the enchanting "Merry Christmas to All" puzzle, a 1000-piece adventure into the wondrous world of Santa Claus and his sleigh ride. This heartwarming image beautifully captures the essence of Christmas with Santa Claus soaring through the snowy night sky, spreading joy and delivering gifts to homes around the world.

In this scene, Santa Claus, the jolly man himself, is seen riding in his iconic sleigh, guided by a team of eight reindeer. The sleigh is laden with a sack full of toys and presents, ready to be joyfully distributed to all the good boys and girls. Santa, with his signature red suit and bushy white beard, waves cheerfully to the people below, radiating warmth and holiday cheer.

The night sky is a canvas of snowy magic, with the moon shining brightly and illuminating the landscape below. The houses and buildings are adorned with twinkling lights, ornaments, and wreaths, showcasing the festive spirit that blankets the town. The snow-covered rooftops add to the cozy, wintry charm of the image.

The overall mood of the puzzle is one of joy, wonder, and festive anticipation. As you piece together this magical scene, you'll be transported to a world where the spirit of Christmas is alive, and Santa Claus' mission to spread joy and happiness comes to life.

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