Colourful Rainbow 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

Colourful Rainbow 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

"Colourful Rainbow" by Shelley Davies is a 1000-piece puzzle that transforms everyday objects into a vibrant spectrum. Discover the magic of colors in a playful and challenging puzzle experience.
Piece Count
1000 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
26.625 X 19.25"
676 X 489mm
Box Size
11.25 X 8.25 X 2.0"
286 X 210 X 51mm
Sold Out
$17.00 USD
Sold Out
$17.00 USD
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Prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant and whimsical world of "Colourful Rainbow," a puzzle that's as delightful as it is challenging. Designed by the creative mind of Shelley Davies, this puzzle offers a mesmerizing journey through a spectrum of colors and objects.

At first glance, you'll be greeted by a captivating rainbow, but look closer, and you'll find that this rainbow is unlike any other. Instead of traditional hues, this rainbow is crafted from a medley of everyday objects. Each color of the rainbow is brought to life by an assortment of items, including a camera, a clock, a computer, a phone, a television, and various electronic devices. The result is a visual feast for the senses, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Vibrant reds, vivid oranges, cheerful yellows, and every color of the spectrum are meticulously composed of objects that might be part of your daily life. It's a playful exploration of color and form that's sure to delight puzzle enthusiasts.

As you piece together "Colourful Rainbow," you'll discover the intricate details that make up each object. The puzzle is composed of numerous small pieces that fit together to form the larger image, adding an extra layer of complexity and challenge to the experience.

While "Colourful Rainbow" is condensed into a 1000-piece puzzle, it is a sibling to the larger 2000-piece Rainbow puzzle, also created by Shelley Davies for Cobble Hill. Each piece you connect will reveal a hidden treasure, waiting to be uncovered within this vibrant spectrum of color and creativity.

Prepare to embark on a puzzle-solving adventure that's both visually stunning and intellectually engaging. "Colourful Rainbow" is not just a puzzle; it's an exploration of art, color, and the magic of everyday objects.

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