Vintage Typewriter 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison

Vintage Typewriter 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison

Rediscover the charm of the past with 'Vintage Typewriter' 750 Piece Puzzle by Phat Dog Vintage. Piece together history, from the distinctive blue body to the classic QWERTY layout. A nostalgic delight in a stylish box.
Piece Count
750 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
21.0 X 28.25"
533 X 718mm
Box Size
11.375 X 8.375 X 2.0"
289 X 213 X 51mm
$30.00 USD
$30.00 USD
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Embark on a nostalgic journey as you unravel the 'Vintage Typewriter' 750 Piece Puzzle by Phat Dog Vintage. This exceptional die-cut puzzle pays homage to a cherished relic from a bygone era when typewriters reigned supreme. The typewriter's striking blue body and pale yellow keys invite you to relive the pre-computer days, evoking memories of typewritten letters and manuscripts.

The typewriter's distinctive QWERTY layout and the intricate details of its metal frame and wooden casing are artfully captured in this puzzle. The small, round keys in the front, adorned with numbers and letters, beckons you to type. And don't miss the vintage typewriter's small, round handle, equipped with a metal knob for adjusting key tension.

Phat Dog Vintage's dedication to curating unique and intriguing objects is evident in this puzzle. As you piece together the typewriter's components, you'll discover not just a challenging puzzle but a piece of history. Once assembled, this vintage typewriter puzzle deserves a place of honor in your collection. Galison's matte-finish sturdy box ensures that this remarkable puzzle can be easily stored, shared, or given as a thoughtful gift to fellow enthusiasts. Celebrate the past while enjoying a fun and engaging puzzle experience.

  • Shaped Puzzle, 750 Pieces
  • 2 Piece Wrapped Box with Spot Gloss on Puzzle Image
  • Puzzle Size: 28.3 x 21", 719 x 533 mm
  • Box Size: 11.375 x 8.375 x 2", 289 x 213 x 51 mm
  • Minimal Puzzle Dust
  • Random Cut

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