Tokaido Board Game by Funforge

Tokaido Board Game by Funforge

Explore and take in the mystic and inviting Tokaido road. Paint, eat, relax and enjoy scenic spots along the way. Just make sure your holiday is more well planned then the travelers around you!
Base Game

Setup Time
10 Mins
Play Time
45-60 Mins
2 to 5
Age Level
8 and Up
Sold Out
$35.00 USD
Sold Out
$35.00 USD
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Welcome to the Tōkaidō, the legendary East Sea Road connecting Kyōto to Edo.

Here you will begin an extraordinary journey in which you will visit and discover countless wonders of traditional Japan.

Tokaido is a game for 2 to 5 players, with a unique Japanese atmosphere and aesthetics, set during the Tokugawa dynasty. The players are pilgrims on a journey along the legendary East Sea Road of Japan. Along the way, they will attempt to collect the most beautiful souvenirs, discover gorgeous vistas, enjoy enriching encounters, soak in soothing hot springs, sample sumptuous cuisine and much more!

Cross the famous road of the Tokaido while attempting to live out the most perfect of journeys.

Tokaido is the new inspired gem of the multi-awarded author Antoine Bauza. It is a game of collection, wise moves and calculated blocking for 2 to 5 players.

In Tokaido, players become travelers crossing the Japanese East Sea Road looking for discoveries and natural marvels. Each traveler will get several opportunities to stop by stations all along the road, in which they will be able to purchase souvenirs, meet people, pay your respects to shrines, sample local cuisine, bathe in hot springs or even paint sumptuous vistas.

Player order will be decided based on how far everyone is from the end of their journey. The furthest one from the goal gets to play, which will lead players to choose their moves wisely, in order not to be left behind while not moving too quickly ahead either.

Since player order is fleeting, and each station has a limited amount of spaces available, travelers will have to face constant dilemmas. Every players' collection and points will be available to the others at all times, which means you'll have to decipher everyone's strategies and anticipate their moves - either to act in your own interests or to thwart those of your fellow travelers...

Since the release of Tokaido in 2012, the series has sold nearly half a million copies worldwide, along with several prestigious Collector products.

The success of the series is such that it is now available in 18 languages: French, English, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese.

Two expansions, which enrich the universe and offer new mechanisms to Tokaido fans, have also been released: Crossroads (in 2013) and Matsuri (in 2016).

Since 2017, the Tokaido videogame (developed internally at Funforge) has also been available on Android (Google Play), iOS (App Store), and Windows and Mac (Steam), and has already been adopted by more than 100,000 players worldwide. Join the global journey!

What's in the Box

  • 1 game board
  • 5 Traveler tokens
  • 5 Travel Markers
  • 5 Bundle tokens
  • 50 coins
  • 10 Traveler tiles
  • 60 Panorama cards
  • 12 Hot Springs cards
  • 25 Meal cards
  • 24 Souvenir cards
  • 14 Encounter cards
  • 7 Achievement cards
  • 1 Rulebook

How to Play


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