Splendor Board Game by Space Cowboys

Splendor Board Game by Space Cowboys

In Splendor, you lead a merchant guild. Using tokens representing gemstones, you will acquire developments which produce new gems (bonuses). These bonuses reduce the cost of your purchases and attract noble bosses.
Base Game

Play Time
30 Mins
2 to 4
Age Level
10 and Up
$38.00 USD

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$38.00 USD
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Make a name for yourself in the prestigious and lucrative jewelry business of Renaissance Europe in Splendor, the award-winning game of gems!

First, collect raw gems to fund the development of mines throughout the world—then acquire the means to transport them, artisans to shape them, and finally a storefront where you can sell your polished jewels. If you produce exactly the right jewelry, a powerful Noble may become your patron, but even then they won't just hand you victory: the player whose business earns the most prestige wins.

Deceptively simple, Splendor involves quick strategic thinking and intense competition!

What's in the Box

  • 55 Goods Cards (6 Diamond, 6 Gold, 6 Silver, 8 Cloth, 8 Spice, 10 Leather, 11 Camels)
  • 38 Goods Tokens
  • 18 Bonus Tokens
  • 1 Camel Token
  • 3 Seals of Excellence
  • 1 Instruction Manual

How to Play


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