Roosters 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

Roosters 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

"Roosters" invites you to a tranquil wildflower field where two striking roosters with captivating plumage take center stage. This 1000-piece puzzle showcases nature's elegance, making it a delight for animal and puzzle enthusiasts alike.
Piece Count
1000 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
19.25 X 26.625"
489 X 676mm
Box Size
11.25 X 8.25 X 2.0"
286 X 210 X 51mm
$17.00 USD
$17.00 USD
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In the picturesque world of "Roosters," you'll find two magnificent roosters poised amidst a wildflower haven. The first rooster, adorned in a light brown plumage with a captivating black and white head, exudes an air of elegance. Its counterpart boasts a darker brown plumage and a striking red and white head, emanating a sense of regality. These vibrant birds proudly stand on their hind legs, wings unfurled, and tail feathers gracefully fluffed.

The background portrays a field bursting with wildflowers, a riot of colors and forms - bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and a myriad of other wild blooms. Nature's palette is at its most vivid here, enhancing the beauty of the roosters and adding to the scene's allure. Above, the sky dons a gentle light blue hue, adorned with a few soft clouds, setting a serene backdrop that complements the scene's tranquility.

The overall ambiance of the image is one of peacefulness and serenity. It transports you to a pastoral world where these magnificent roosters reign over their floral domain. Their vibrant plumage against the backdrop of colorful wildflowers is a harmonious dance of nature's beauty. As you piece together this 1000-piece animal puzzle, you'll experience the grace and allure of these roosters, making it an enthralling journey for any animal lover and puzzle enthusiast.

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