My First Stone Age Board Game by Z-Man Games

My First Stone Age Board Game by Z-Man Games

Travel to the past with Jonon & Jada, two stone age children, to rediscover how the first humans settled the world. In My First Stone Age - a children's version of the Stone Age family game - the players collect goods and build their own settlement.
Base Game

Setup Time
5 Mins
Play Time
10-15 Mins
2 to 4
Age Level
5 and Up
$38.00 USD
$38.00 USD
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Imagine life in the Stone Age while building your very own primitive settlement!

My First Stone Age Layout

Explore the Stone Age

The Stone Age was very different from the modern world. In My First Stone Age, players experience this period 10,000 years ago through the eyes of two Stone Age children, Jono and Jada, along with their friend Martin the mammoth. Learn about life at the dawn of humanity while gathering and trading valuable resources such as berries, fish, pots, arrowheads, and animal teeth. If you collect the required resources, you can build a hut and add it to your settlement. Your best friend and loyal wolfhound, Guff, might even drop by to help. The first player to build three huts wins the game!

My First Stone Age Sample Cards

Back in Time

My First Stone Age is based on the classic family game Stone Age. This stand-alone game combines elements of memory, resource gathering, and set collecting games into an experience accessible to players age five and up. Players take actions based on the forest tokens they flip over each turn. But as soon as a hut is built, you flip those tokens back over and swap two of them. Pay careful attention and put your memory to the test as you search for the tokens that will lead you to the best resources. Enter the world of the Stone Age, develop your village, and let your imagination take you back to a time of wonder and fun!

What's in the Box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Settlements
  • 4 Player Markers (blue, yellow, green, pink)
  • 4 Player Figures (blue, yellow, green, pink)
  • 20 Goods (4 each of berry, fish, pot, arrowhead, and tooth)
  • 15 Hut Tokens
  • 2 Dog Tokens
  • 14 Forest Tokens (6x dice, 5x goods (berry, fish, pot, arrowhead, tooth), 1x trading post, 1x dog, 1x building site)

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