Greetings from Canada 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

Greetings from Canada 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

Celebrate the beauty of Canada with "Greetings from Canada." This 1000-piece puzzle showcases iconic images and landmarks from all 13 provinces and territories. Explore Canada's diversity, all while piecing together a colorful and festive collage.
Piece Count
1000 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
26.625 X 19.25"
676 X 489mm
Box Size
11.25 X 8.25 X 2.0"
286 X 210 X 51mm
$17.00 USD
$17.00 USD
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Embark on a visual journey through the heart of Canada with "Greetings from Canada," a captivating puzzle that celebrates the diverse beauty of the Great White North. This 1000-piece puzzle is not just a pastime; it's a postcard-perfect adventure through all 13 of Canada's provinces and territories.

The puzzle unfolds to reveal a charming collage of postcards and greeting cards, each offering a glimpse of Canada's rich heritage and natural wonders. From coast to coast, you'll encounter iconic Canadian symbols, such as the iconic maple leaf, the majestic moose, the industrious beaver, the haunting loon, and the unmistakable Canadian flag. But the journey doesn't stop there. These postcards aren't just adorned with picturesque images; they're mini canvases that showcase Canada's most famous landmarks. Marvel at the grandeur of the CN Tower, feel the mist from the thundering Niagara Falls, and traverse the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains - all from the comfort of your own home.

The greeting cards within the puzzle offer warm Canadian hospitality, with messages that read "Welcome to Canada" and "Happy Canada Day." It's an invitation to explore, experience, and embrace the true essence of Canada, its people, and its landscapes.

The overall design of "Greetings from Canada" is a burst of color and festivity. A border of maple leaves frames the collage, paying homage to Canada's national symbol, while a red and white striped background adds a touch of patriotism.

As you piece together this puzzle, you'll not only engage in a delightful and challenging activity but also gain a deeper appreciation for Canada's vast and varied beauty. From the eastern shores of Newfoundland to the western expanses of British Columbia, "Greetings from Canada" encapsulates the essence of a Canadian road trip, all within the confines of a single puzzle box.

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