Concept Board Game by Repos Production

Concept Board Game by Repos Production

You don’t need to talk to communicate! Make people guess hundreds of objects, characters, and titles by combining universal icons!
  • Simple and easily understood rules
  • A creative and fun game
  • A game for all generations and cultures
  • A game length which adapts to the players and makes them fans
  • Understood from the get-go
  • High level of replayability
Base Game

Setup Time
2 Mins
Play Time
45-30 Mins
4 to 12
Age Level
10 and Up
$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD
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A large, green animal from long ago? Must be a dinosaur. Water, cube and cold weather? Has to be an ice cube. A man with a job who rides large brown animals in the United States? Is that a cowboy? In Concept, players team up to place tokens on a board covered in icons, depicting everything from ancient samurai and snails to Leonardo DiCaprio. Points go to the player who can guess the correctly by looking at the various symbols, but in this wild party game, the points are less important than just having a great time!

Game Details

The game offers 990 concepts divided into three difficulty levels across 110 cards.

After having chosen one of the nine concepts on their card for the other players to guess, the player will use pawns and cubes to put the others on the right track. To do that, they'll place them near the icons which best represent what they're trying to make the others guess. The board offers about a hundred very intuitive icons and can help players guess things as simple as a cow, or as complex as an expression like "moving mountains."

For example, to make others guess "Bee", the player will be able to put the main pawn on the "Animal" icon, then cubes on the "Yellow", "Black", "Small", and "Flying" icons.

A point system is in place to reward those who get their words guessed and those who find them, but as specified in the rules, the fun of the game often takes over the simple keeping track of score. That's why players often would rather face the challenge to communicate without talking, rather than determining a winner.

What's in the Box

  • 110 Cards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 4 Game Aids
  • 1 Transport Bowl
  • 39 Tokens
  • 5 Plastic Pawns
  • 42 Plastic Cubes

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