A Happy Gnome Life 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

A Happy Gnome Life 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill

"A Happy Gnome Life" 1000-piece puzzle is a cheerful celebration of gnomes and the changing seasons. Enjoy adorable gnomes, pumpkins, and autumnal hues as you piece together the magic of each month. A year-round delight for gnome lovers!
Piece Count
1000 Pieces

Puzzle Shape

Puzzle Size
19.25 X 26.625"
489 X 676mm
Box Size
11.25 X 8.25 X 2.0"
286 X 210 X 51mm
$17.00 USD
$17.00 USD
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Embark on a delightful journey into the charming world of "A Happy Gnome Life," a 1000-piece puzzle that captures the whimsy and cheer of these lovable garden dwellers. In this enchanting scene, gnomes take center stage, embracing the joy of each passing month amidst a vibrant, autumnal landscape.

Picture a cozy garden where gnomes frolic and celebrate the changing seasons. These lovable creatures come to life in an array of delightful poses, embodying the spirit of each month. From the vibrant blossoms of spring to the golden hues of fall, these gnomes are there, capturing the essence of every season.

Amidst the gnomes, you'll find an array of quintessential autumnal elements. The scene is adorned with plump pumpkins, ornate gourds, and an array of leaves in hues of red, orange, and gold. These symbols of the season paint a beautiful tapestry, immersing you in the cozy embrace of fall.

The gnomes themselves are a delight to behold. Dressed in an array of colorful outfits, each gnome embodies the spirit of a particular month. From planting flowers in the budding spring to cozying up by the fire in the winter, their expressions radiate joy and contentment, reminding us of the simple pleasures in life.

As you immerse yourself in this puzzle, you'll uncover the intricate details that make this scene truly special. Each piece interlocks to unveil the magic and harmony of a gnome's life throughout the year. The playful design and charming characters will keep you captivated as you piece together each delightful moment.

"A Happy Gnome Life" is more than just a puzzle; it's an ode to the changing seasons and the everlasting joy that gnomes bring to our lives. This puzzle is a testament to the beauty found in the cyclical nature of time, each gnome reminding us to savor every moment and embrace the magic of each passing month.

Join us in celebrating the magic of "A Happy Gnome Life" as you piece together this heartwarming puzzle, bringing a touch of whimsy and cheer into your own home.

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